A Revolution in sailing – but would you even know it?

James CloseAmerica's Cup, Ben Ainslie Racing, Thoughts

Our sport is confusing and technical to anyone outside of it. But like many things in life, once you know what is going on it becomes more straightforward and the more you find out about things, the more interesting they get. In the final article of James’ 3 part series on the latest revolution in sailing (see part 1 and part 2) we look at how our sport is being covered by the media. Or not! Is there an Audience? Sailing … Read More

Is Sailing the new F1? – Help us showcase our sport to the world

James CloseAmerica's Cup, Ben Ainslie Racing, James, Thoughts

The pinnacle of advanced technological sport – could sailing be the new F1? A sailing revolution is in progress! It’s one that could bring our sport to the attention of the mainstream media and hopefully bring with it a new audience. Sailing is attracting the worlds best creative engineers and designers as it is a technical sport that still has so many discoveries to be made. We have been slow to showcase how different sailing is from the pervasive negative stereotypes of elitist gin palaces … Read More

Is the America’s Cup good for sailing?

Martyn RuksAmerica's Cup, Ben Ainslie Racing, Dream or Two Sailing

The America’s Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy and has famously not been won by a British team since being awarded by the Royal Yacht Squadron way back in 1851. However, the competition has not been without British success over the years. Most recently Sir Ben Ainslie helping US Team Oracle pull off a famous victory in 2013 by coming back from 8-1 down to win 9-8 against the Emirates Team New Zealand. So with this and much Olympic success … Read More

The Future of Sailing?

James CloseAmerica's Cup, James, Thoughts, Video

Some lunch time or evening video entertainment for you! Below are a few links to some videos of interesting projects that explore the technical limits of sailing that you may not have heard about. We are seeing huge development of new technologies and ideas at the moment and they are filtering down to consumers surprisingly quickly. I have been following these projects for a number of years, but the media generally are not interested in this sort of thing in … Read More