Apparently it is windy. Apparent wind explained.

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I talk about apparent wind a lot, it is a term that applies to all sailing boats, but is more noticeable on a fast boat like Fortissimo, as high boat speed means we generate a bigger headwind, which distorts the wind we feel onboard.  To explain how we manage the wind to increase performance I will start with the basics, and then elaborate… We have the true wind, which is the wind we feel if we were standing still. Once we start moving, we … Read More

Navigation in practice (EPs)

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Navigation when taught in the class room is all about accuracy and attention to detail, and quite rightly so, in order to prove that you understand the concepts. However I see students struggling to make the transition from classroom to chart table on a bouncing yacht, it is a bit of a culture shock. I learnt to navigate on board yachts, and only later visited the class rooms to refine the techniques, here I will show you how I tackle … Read More

Three ways to tie a bowline

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Hi it’s James! As an instructor at Dream or Two Sailing, I’ve helped many people tie bowlines and everybody has their favourite way of tying them. I had a spare few minutes off the water the other day so put together this short video of me showing you some of the best bowline techniques. The Bowline is probably one of the most complex knots we tie on yachts, and the initial way of teaching it on the RYA Start Yachting … Read More