Racing Yacht Team Building 

£1200 per day (for up to 6 people)  Book_Button_Small

The modern business environment can be a challenging one and more than ever we need to work closely in a team in order to realise the success we are seeking. However, with increasing pressures and ever decreasing time we sometimes forget to develop the skills needed to work together effectively. That’s where our racing yacht team building experience can help you.

Our approach is a simple yet effective one, bring a team together, set them a tough but achievable goal and then give them the direction, training, coaching and support needed to accomplish it. That’s where a racing yacht really comes into its own, it needs the people sailing her to work as a team and that’s what we give you. Throughout your time with us we’ll take time out to reflect on how the team are working together, how and why the challenge is being met and more importantly how the knowledge and experience gained can be applied back in the workplace.

The key aspects of team working that we’ll be developing during this experience are as follows:

  • The structure of a team and the roles within it
  • Planning and preparing as a team
  • Collaboration and communication as a group
All of our team building days are led by RYA Yachtmaster Instructors with proven experience in training, coaching and skills development, giving you the confidence in achieving the learning outcomes.
The team discussing their approach
Experience Days - in the Solent with Dream or Two Sailing

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