Racing Yacht Team Building 

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The modern business environment can be a challenging one and more than ever we need to work closely in a team in order to realise the success we are seeking. However, with increasing pressures and ever decreasing time we sometimes forget to develop the skills needed to work together effectively. That’s where our racing yacht team building experience can help you.

Our approach is a simple yet effective one, bring a team together, set them a tough but achievable goal and then give them the direction, training, coaching and support needed to accomplish it. That’s where a racing yacht really comes into its own, it needs the people sailing her to work as a team and that’s what we give you. Throughout your time with us we’ll take time out to reflect on how the team are working together, how and why the challenge is being met and more importantly how the knowledge and experience gained can be applied back in the workplace.

The key aspects of team working that we’ll be developing during this experience are as follows:

  • The structure of a team and the roles within it
  • Planning and preparing as a team
  • Collaboration and communication as a group
All of our team building days are led by RYA Yachtmaster Instructors with proven experience in training, coaching and skills development, giving you the confidence in achieving the learning outcomes.
The team discussing their approach
We have a number of different challenges formats for our experiences that will work with your own training needs, budgets and availability. An outline is provided here but please contact us for more information and to tailor the experience to your learning needs.

Racing Yacht 1 Day Challenge

Our racing yacht 1 day challenge is a great experience for any team who is new to sailing. It will provide you with an exciting taster of sailing at the same time as developing and building skills within your team. All of this will be accomplished in a long but rewarding day

We’ll start with an introduction to the objectives of the day, the yacht, sailing and safety considerations. We’ll then get out on the water to run through some training manoeuvres and get ready for the challenge course.

Then based on the weather conditions on the day we’ll create a challenging racing circuit in and around the Solent that the team will then need to sail round together.

The agenda for the day will involve the following activities:

  • Meetup and Introductions
  • Objectives and Planning Session
  • Overview of the yacht
  • Safety Brief
  • The basics of sailing theory
  • Training sail and practice manoeuvres
  • Race briefing
  • The Challenge
  • Debrief and Reflections on the day

If your team successfully completes our racing day challenge you’ll be able to build on your experiences and return for our Round the Island Challenge as a next step in the team’s development.


Round the Island Challenge

This challenge is spread over two days and will see your team come together twice to prepare for and complete the challenge of sailing round the Isle of Wight. On the first day the team will be given an introduction to sailing, our racing yacht Fortissimo and the challenge they are facing.

Day One Activities

The primary objective of the first day is to learn about the basics of sailing and how to safely navigate around the Isle of Wight. This is a tough challenge and will need to the team to work together effectively to achieve success.

  • Meetup and Introductions
  • Objectives and Planning Session
  • Overview of the yacht
  • Safety Brief
  • The basics of sailing theory
  • Training sail and practice manoeuvres
  • Race Planning Session
  • Debrief and Reflections on the day

Based on the first day the team will have some preparation and planning they should complete as a team before arriving for day two. What is required of them will be explained in detail and what is expected of them will be clearly communicated. It is anticipated that this planning session will take approximately 1-2 hours and should be completed in the evening.

Day Two Activities

On the second day you’ll put your knowledge into practice as you sail round the island as a team. The format of the day will depend on weather and tides but a rough overview is as follows.

  • Objectives and Planning Session
  • Review Race Plan
  • The Round the Island Challenge
  • Final Debrief and Reflections

The Round the Island challenge is also available in a one day format for teams who have sailed on Fortissimo previously. We’ll assess if you have the skills and knowledge to be able to complete the challenge and please contact us for more information.

Cross Channel Challenge

The cross channel challenge is an intense but rewarding experience for any team to complete together. You’ll sail across the channel and back again, it shouldn’t be taken lightly but the satisfaction of completing will be more than enough of a reward for your efforts. This experience is only available to teams who have successfully completed the Round the Island Challenge (or other equivalent experience as a crew) so please contact us for more information.

We can accommodate up to six team members on each one of our team-building experiences. Our RYA Yacht Master Instructor skipper and the first mate will be there to teach, direct and support the team and most importantly to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

We have a wide selection of weekdays available throughout the year although the dates we’re not available are those published on our sailing programme. Give us a call to discuss and we can find a date that works for you and your team.

We’ll provide all the instruction, training materials and guidance you’ll need to be able to complete your challenge. We provide a homemade lunch including our irresistible home-baked cake for afternoon tea. Squash, tea and fresh coffee are included. Sailing waterproofs and all safety gear are provided. We also provide free parking at our base marina.

Dress comfortably, ideally not in jeans and with enough clothing to be able to layer on and off (fleeces are good). We will kit you out with sailing waterproofs which also keep you warm.

You may need to bring a warm hat and pair of gloves OR you may need a cap or sun hat, depending on the weather.

Don’t forget your sun cream- whatever the time of year!

Our FAQ‘s give all the information you need.

The meeting time will depend on your activity and some experiences may involve an early start or late finish. We recommend you contact us to tailor your experience before you book.

Once we’ve created your team building experience we’ll provide you with Booking Forms to complete for the participants and also Joining Instructions which detail where and when to meet your skipper and yacht ‘Fortissimo’ at Royal Clarence Marina in Gosport.

Your joining Instructions will detail how to get there by train or car, where to park etc.

Sailing in Portsmouth Harbour is an incredible experience with so much to see and, being home to Ben Ainslie Racing, there is so much happening here.

Once outside the Harbour there are so many options of places to sail including Chichester and the Isle of Wight. This is why the Solent is considered to be the centre of the sailing world.

On all the challenges our experienced skippers will use their knowledge and experience of wind, weather, tides and destinations to create a challenging and rewarding team building experience.

Experience Days - in the Solent with Dream or Two Sailing

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