Frequently Asked Questions

What time does my experience start or finish?

We’ll confirm your arrival and departure times after booking but we’ve provided some typical timings for our experiences.

Day Sails: Joining time is 09:00hrs on the day morning of your experience, we aim to be finished between 16:30 and 17:00

Cruises/Racing: Arrival time will be confirmed as will be dependent on the destination and departure time


What do I need to bring?

We ask everyone to please travel light- there is very limited room for stowing gear on board.

We cannot say what the weather will be like, so unless your experience is in the middle of a really hot summer it is better to bring several thin layers rather than 1 or 2 thick layers; think t-shirts, fleeces and thermals.

If you are new to sailing then you do not need to spend lots of money on gear – we provide the waterproofs and you will have suitable clothing at home.

  • Soft holdalls only – no suitcases or bags with wheels
  • Jeans are not suitable for sailing – walking trousers, jogging bottoms or sports leggings are all good options as they allow freedom of movement, are light and also dry quickly
  • Pack your gloves, hat and scarf; sunhat or cap in the hot Summer months.
  • If your experience involves staying on-board overnight a good sleeping bag is essential.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses, sunscreen (even in the Winter), wash kit and towel plus some cash for mooring fees and meals ashore.


What do I wear on my feet?

If you plan to do a lot of sailing then it is worth investing in a pair of sailing boots, otherwise non-marking trainers or deck shoes are fine to wear (with a spare set in case your feet get wet). Your feet need to be in enclosed boots or shoes at all times when sailing and when up on deck if in a marina or port.


Where do I sleep?

If your experience involves an overnight stay you will sleep on board the boat; that is why it is important to remember your sleeping bag!

If you are uncertain whether you will be staying overnight please get in touch and we’ll advise.


Will I have to share a cabin?

Couple and friends usually share a cabin – unless they request otherwise.

If you are coming on a course on your own then it is possible that you may have to share a cabin but this would only be with someone of the same gender.

If you’d like to know more then please get in touch and we can advise.


How many people will be on board the boat?

We are insured to carry a maximum of 8 clients (plus a skipper and first mate) on our yachts. On the majority of our experiences we take a maximum of 6 crew plus a skipper/instructor and often a First Mate.

Fortissimo is a very spacious yacht so you won’t feel cramped.


Are all meals provided?

We provide all lunches and afternoon tea on our day sails. On longer cruises and when racing we provide breakfasts and some evening meals so well; but generally evening meals are eaten ashore at local pubs.

Our yachts are meat free to ensure that food safety standards are not compromised in any way.

By eating ashore in the evening a non-vegetarian diet can be catered for.

We ask that you respect the meat-free environment on board and do not bring meat products onto the boat.

Breakfasts are continental style and lunches will be warm, tasty and filling but will not contain meat!

We do not provide fruit on board so please feel free to bring your own if you know that you will want some while sailing.

If you get hungry quite easily then we suggest that you bring some of your preferred snacks to munch on between meals

We are happy to cater for specific diets e.g. vegan, coeliac, wheat-free but you need to tell us in advance and we may ask you to also bring some of your specific snacks or breakfast items with you

We have a reputation for great food – and amazing cakes! – and it is rare to ever feel hungry when sailing with us.


Where will I go on my experience?

All of our racing yacht experience days and race skills training days are held in the Solent – the best sail training area in the world! If you compete in our race programme the destination and course will be defined by the race organisers. On our cruises the itinerary will be determined by the weather conditions but in line with the advertised descriptions.


Is there parking available?

Parking is FREE provided you email your registration details through to the parking provider before you arrive.

We will give you all the details for parking registration once you have booked your course

Whilst the parking is managed by a parking provider and there is a high degree of surveillance we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to cars or their contents.


Do I need insurance?

Dream or Two Sailing Ltd has full public liability insurance for all crew members, however personal travel/cancellation/accident insurance is recommended.


Where will I shower and go to the toilet?

If joining us for a multiple day experience – unless discussed and agreed by all on board – you will be moored up in a marina each evening. All marinas have shorebased facilities – showers and toilets.

There are toilets (heads) on each boat and these are used when at sea or at night. We use shorebased facilities wherever possible.

If you join us for a sailing cruise then you will be exploring beautiful locations that may not have marinas and you may spend the night at anchor or on a mooring buoy; at these times it is possible to use the onboard washing facilities (and don’t forget your wetwipes!)


Can I bring my mobile phone?

Yes, you can bring your mobile phone; however they can be very intrusive to other crew members on board and they can cause an unnecessary distraction during instruction sessions. We therefore ask you to put phones onto ‘silent’ and to limit calls to periods when we are not sailing.

Mobile phone coverage is only up to 10 miles from land which will generally give you coverage on all courses but will affect you if you are cruising or racing.

Fortissimo has both 12volt sockets and standard 3 pin plugs sockets. You are able to use these sockets when you are in a marina and the boat is connected to shore power.


Do I need my passport?

If you are joining us for an experience day then your passport is not required.

For all Cross Channel and long distance cruises then you need to remember your passport. We also recommend that you bring an EH1C form – these are available from your local Post Office or online at


Do you take under 18’s on your yachts?

Anyone under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by either a parent/guardian.


Can I smoke onboard ?

We ask that, wherever possible, you smoke ashore i.e. not on the boat.

There is no smoking at all when under way but it is possible to smoke when on a mooring buoy or at anchor as long as none of your fellow crew members mind. If smoking onboard then you must always be at the back of the boat and downwind – there is no smoking below decks.


Can I drink the water onboard?

The water in the tanks is fresh and safe for drinking. We regularly refill the tanks during a course and if on a cruise or racing and are offshore for a number of days we will also provide large bottles of water.

We suggest that you bring a water bottle with you that you can keep filled up so that you stay hydrated. If you prefer the taste or composition of bottled water then you are welcome to bring your own.


Will I get seasick?

Even the most hardy of sailors will feel seasick in certain sea states, however in the Solent it is not that common, due to it’s sheltered location.

If you suffer from travel sickness or you suspect that you are susceptible to sea sickness then we recommend that you purchase some motion sickness tablets and take them each day rather than waiting until you feel sick.

If you are joining us for a cruise or racing and have never sailed outside of the Solent before, then we strongly recommend that you purchase and take some motion sickness tablets – it is far better to take the tablets than to experience sickness which is both debilitating and demoralising.


What if I don’t like it?

If you have never sailed before and are unsure if you will like it or not then we suggest that you join for a Racing Yacht Sailing Day Experience before booking on to one of our more adventurous offerings.

If you do join an experience and then find that you are not enjoying it then you may depart the boat at the end of the day, once it is in a marina. It will then be your responsibility to make your way back to your vehicle or home and you will not be entitled to a refund.

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