Jules Verne Trophy Attempt 2015

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Spindrift 2 Photo © Eloi Stichelbaut/Spindrift Racing - Jules Verne Trophy Attempt 2015

Spindrift 2 Photo © Eloi Stichelbaut/Spindrift Racing

Jules Verne Trophy Attempt 2015

Whilst we are eating and drinking far too much over the next few weeks, a few sailors will be pushing hard to beat the current round the world, non-stop sailing record. The Jules Verne Trophy Attempt in 2015 will be a closely fought battle between boats with some of the most advanced technology on the planet. The time to beat is 45 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes, 53 seconds, set by Banque Populaire V skippered by Loick Peyron in 2012.

The current challengers are IDEC and Spindrift 2. Huge Trimarans that are built to be as fast as possible. No limits. The trophy was inspired by the Jules Verne novel, “Around the World in Eighty Days” and is awarded to whoever holds the current around the world sailing record. The start and finish line is between the Lizard lighthouse in Cornwall and the Créac’h lighthouse on Ushant Island, France. The circumnavigation of the planet requires you to leave the capes of Good Hope, Leeuwinn and Horn to Port, which means going east with the prevailing winds in the notorious Southern Ocean.

Both teams have been producing some great images and video footage of their record breaking attempts and we highly recommend taking a look. In their video diaries the life of an ocean racer is clearly illustrated including the good and the bad. What is clear is that those involved are determined to push themselves and their boats to the maximum, testament to their spirit of adventure that was captured so well by Jules Verne in his book all those years ago!

If all is going to plan they should finish very early in the New Year. You can follow their progress on the Jules Verne Trophy Attempt 2015 here… http://volodiaja.net/Tracking