Racing Yacht Team Building


Costs are based on an exclusive use charter (for groups of up to six people). Cost includes skipper and first mate, lunches and homemade cake.
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Racing Yacht Team Building

We bring your team together, set them a tough but achievable goal and then give them the direction, training, coaching and support needed to accomplish it.

That’s where our Class 40 racing yacht ‘Fortissimo’ really comes into its own, it needs the people sailing her to work as a team and that’s the experience we can give you.

Throughout the experience we’ll also take time out to reflect on how the team are working together, how and why the challenge is being met and more importantly how the knowledge and experience gained can be applied back in the workplace.

Dates can be arranged to suit your specific requirements. Please contact us on 02393 0777036 and we can schedule a date around our racing campaigns. If you are interested in our Cross Channel challenge then please get in touch to discuss.