Sailing Experiences in 2016

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Have you planned your 2016 sailing yet?

We know that many of you had your first Dream or Two sailing experience on an RYA course. Now that we’re no longer an RYA school what does that mean for you? That’s what we’ll answer in this article!

Whilst we may not be offering RYA courses anymore, coaching and education still remain at the heart of Dream or Two Sailing. We believe that becoming a better sailor and enjoying time out on the water can go hand in hand.

RYA training introduces you to techniques and gives you the starting point, but the best way to then develop and gain experience is to do as much sailing as possible. Far too many people only seem to sail on RYA courses, but to gain experience you need to go sailing, on as many different boats as possible, with different people and in new places. You will learn so much from the variety and it will also increase your confidence to charter or sail your own boat.

Dream or Two Sailing experiences allow you to apply what is learnt on RYA courses and put the skills into practice on an exciting thoroughbred racing yacht. Sailing on a high performance yacht is a great way to condense a lot of experiences into a short burst, even more so when that involves racing.

Sailing Experiences in 2016

Sailing Experiences on Fortissimo in 2016

Sailing on Fortissimo is practical, hands-on “doing”. Preparing you with all the tools you will need to be a great crew or a great skipper. The Skipper should be the best crew on the boat. Intimately aware of all the jobs that need doing and how best to do them, you are who the crew look to for advice. To gain this level of detailed knowledge needs time on the water to go through as many experiences as possible. You never stop learning.

The Class 40 is very much like a big dinghy and will teach you how to sail, you can feel what is happening with the wind, you will be exposed to foredeck work, sail handling and trimming, sail changes, hanking on storm sails, sailing in offshore conditions, helming for speed, helming in large waves, upwind and downwind, night sailing, real world navigation techniques, tide calculations, navigation software, weather, weather routing, passage planning – EVERYTHING!

Lou Barden - Nomad Sailing

Lou Barden – Nomad Sailing

But rather than being constrained to a syllabus and in a school environment we will be “doing” either a race, a cross channel trip or a fast cruise, having fun. Whatever your level there is always more to learn, every time you go out there will be a new situation that develops that adds to the sum of your knowledge. You won’t get a certificate, but a load of great experiences and plenty of knowledge.

We realise that RYA certificates are a great way to demonstrate what you’ve learnt, particularly if you want to go and charter a boat in the UK or overseas. That means that we want to be able to recommend somewhere you can do that if you want to. But as it’s a recommendation from Dream or Two we want to be sure it’s backed up with great teaching and shares our values.

We have therefore chosen to work closely with Nomad Sailing, who can train you up to the various RYA levels. Nomad are Lou (pictured here) and Jim Barden who are great instructors, friendly, patient and most importantly offer home-made cake!

 Sailing Experiences in 2016

So if you want to keep developing your skills, build some more miles and more importantly have some great fun then come and join us in for one of our sailing experiences in 2016. Some of the events we already have booked in are:

Also remember to follow us via social media to hear all the latest news and new experiences that we’ll announce. If you are looking even farther ahead then we’ll also be competing in the Rolex Fastnet Race 2017.

If there is a demand we are also open to chartering yachts in the Baltic and Greece, so that you can have your ultimate sailing experience, under guidance from an RYA instructor, learning as a by product of having a cruising adventure.

Drop us an email or give us a call to discuss what you want your sailing experience to be in 2016 and we’ll do our best to make it happen.