Transat Jaques Vabre. A new sailing era.

James CloseClass 40 racing, TJV

I’ve been a bit quiet on the Blog recently, due to being too busy, but there has been plenty going on at Dream or Two Sailing, not least completing the Fastnet race which was a great achievement for all involved. A detailed write up will be posted shortly. In the mean time, I am planning to head over to France in a couple of weekends to see the Transatlantic racing yachts depart for the TJV race. The Transat Jaques Vabre (TJV) which retraces the 17th Century Coffee route from Le Harve to Itajai, Brazil. will begin on the 25th October, and it is shaping up to be one of the most exciting. The new IMOCA 60’s have been experimenting with hydrofoils and from the video footage above it looks like this could take the challenge to a whole new level!

My respect for these sailors is huge, sailing a Class 40 gives you a taste of what they do, but the new speeds they are traveling at is going to create a very wet and hairy ride, bear in mind they are sailing these boats with just 2 people. The fleet of 20 will include local sailor Alex Thomson onboard Hugo Boss, his brand new boat looks incredible, we have seen him out a few times setting the boat up.


Also, there will be a 14 Class 40s competing, amongst them will be Concise 2 sailed by Phillippa Hutton-Squire and Pip Hare. I had the pleasure to sail with them a couple of weekends ago on Fortissimo taking some of their sponsors out for a taste of Class 40 sailing. We will be following their progress with interest.

As usual there will be very little mainstream media coverage of this, but hopefully this blog post gives you a heads up of one of the most eagerly anticipated offshore sailing events in recent years. Have a look at to find out more.