Treat of a lifetime, or best value marketing opportunity ever?

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Calling all wannabe Vendee Globe sailors, offshore racers, mini transit sailors, adventurers, business owners and marketing managers looking for sponsorship exposure in the world of offshore sailing… specifically the Rolex Fastnet Race.

Raising or spending £200K for a Class 40 offshore / ocean race campaign is a pretty big challenge for both sailors looking for support and the businesses raising the funds. Making the step from dinghy racing or mini transat to Class 40 is a large one. In the UK it is a tough ask to get an offshore race campaign off the ground. It is a big unknown for new companies fronting the money, and the sailors need a boat to demonstrate what they can do. It is a chicken and egg situation. The sponsor wants something established before they commit, and the sailor needs a huge amount of cash to get the project off the ground before they can get results.

So how about sponsoring an individual campaign? A bite size test of the effectiveness of sailing sponsorship and chance to build relationships between sailors and sponsors at a level that is affordable  for small businesses, or larger businesses who don’t want to take such a large risk. Hopefully building a bond that will develop into larger projects over time.

Dream or Two Sailing Ltd aim to link sailors with sponsors – we have the boat already – we offer training and all necessary equipment onboard. Each year we undertake a race campaign in and around the UK, Ireland and France where sailors can put their skills to the test and sponsors achieve fantastic exposure.

This year we are offering 5 places on our Class 40 offshore race campaign, culminating in the Rolex Fastnet Race. Sailors have to raise £4,995 for their place onboard and can use the opportunity to build a relationship with their sponsor and prove that engaging stories and brand exposure can be created, delivering a return on investment, whilst sharing a great adventure. A fantastic way for both parties to dip their toe in to this exciting world of high performance yacht racing with no risk of overspend.

This is NOT a standard cruiser racer package, this is an international class of racing yacht that is designed within a box rule to be as efficient as possible. To hell with the handicap rating! Performance and control is the name of the game with no compromise, which is why we can sit at 15 – 20 knots comfortably in complete control. We have just 5 places, no rail meat, those five will be fully involved in sailing the boat under guidance from Dream or Two. Our package is an entire season of training weekends, RORC channel racing to prepare the crew for the ultimate challenge of the Fastnet Race itself.

Fastnet Campaign

Find out more about our 2017 Class 40 Rolex Fastnet race campaign in this downloadable PDF

To race one of these boats generally requires a small personal fortune or major sponsorship support. We offer our race package at £4,995, which may sound expensive, but if you look at it as a time share on a super special yacht, that has had a year of maintenance and operating costs spent on it so that it is ready for you to step aboard for the best races of the year. It starts to sound more reasonable. You get to experience the cream of our sailing in 2017.

Now if you view this as a sponsorship opportunity it starts to really make financial and business sense. Seek out a sponsor to sponsor your place in exchange for regular news stories, a chance to join in the race excitement, media updates throughout the season and an A2 landscape space on our hull for the entire season to promote your brand it starts to look even more reasonable. Normally you pay £5K for a sticker on the boat, with us you get to do the race as well! You don’t have to be a pro sailor, minimum requirement is competent crew level and a sense of adventure. The Fastnet may be that bucket list challenge that you have always wanted to do – or maybe you have always yearned to race on a planing offshore racing boat like in the pictures in the magazines. This could be a chance to tick off that dream whilst promoting your own business or sponsor at the same time!

Sponsorship creates…

  • A bond between a competitor and the supporter sharing a common goal. The competitor can really add value to relationship, exposing the brand to others and delivering talks to supporters, engaging them with the challenge.
  • Stories for your workforce and clients to engage with through social media.
  • New life skills for those that undertake the challenge.
  • Dynamic imagery and video which can be used to communicate your companies values and objectives.
  • Exposure in the sailing world which is full of enthusiastic engineers, designers, professionals and business owners.
  • Opportunities to engage with an active UK sailing media. The more effort and creativity you put in, the more you will get out.
  • Endless social media content opportunities to keep people updated who want to follow your progress.

We operate Fortissimo to give people a chance to experience the world of offshore racing on a Class40. All profits are fed back into the boat, constantly maintaining and replacing equipment to keep her operating at a high standard.

Interested?  Get in touch, we’d love to hear your thoughts

For more information or to sign up contact / phone 02393 077736 or visit our 2017 Rolex Fastnet Race page which has further details.

What else does £5k buy you in the sailing world?

  • £5k = 2 full page adverts in a magazine.
  • £5k = Your boat moored in a marina for 10 months of the year
  • £5k = Your insurance, lift out, antifoul and routine maintenance each year
  • £5k = Four fifths of a Class 40 jib
  • £5k = A Class 40 spinnaker
  • £5k = A third of a Class 40 mainsail
  • £5k = 4 navigation instruments
  • £5k = Standing rigging replacement