Corporate Sailing

Whether it’s for team building, supporting the wellness of your staff, or simply as a thank you to clients, there is no better activity to gel a team, than sailing. When you combine this with the ability to position your brand in the process, the possibilities for business success through sailing with us are limitless.

From our base in Portsmouth Harbour we can see and be seen by some of the biggest names in both UK business and global sailing. Having the sailing bases for Landrover Ben Ainslie Racing and Alex Thompson Racing sponsored by Hugo Boss just yards from our doorstep highlights just why this is such a great location for the fusion of business and sailing. When you add the easy access to the Solent, universally acclaimed as the greatest sailing playground in the World, it’s a perfect combination.

With Dream or Two Sailing, this is not just about being on the water, it’s about something special and unique. You sail our Class 40 yacht “Fortissimo” which will take your excitement and exhilaration to another level. She’s a safe and secure high performance sailing machine and leaves everyone who sails on her with memories that last a lifetime.

It’s all of these reasons and many more that present your business with some fabulous possibilities to benefit from what we have to offer you.

Corporate Sailing Days

Experience the thrill of crewing a Class 40 yacht and becoming a racing ‘team’ for a day. Sailing will bring a team of people together like no other activity, something that makes it perfect for your employees, your clients or both. Our Class 40 racing yacht has invariably only been available to professional sailors only… now you can provide your team with a unique and exhilarating experience!

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Team Building Sailing Day

The concept of our experience is a simple one, bring a team together, set them a tough but achievable goal and then give them the direction, training, coaching and support needed to accomplish it. That’s where a racing yacht really comes into its own, it needs the people sailing her to work as a team and that’s the experience we can give you. Our approach will develop the strength of your team in a format they won’t forget.

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Yacht Sponsorship Packages

Sailing is an environmentally friendly activity and sport and the technology and engineering involved is cutting edge. If these positively reflect your values then what better way to enhance your brand and position it than sponsoring our Class 40 yacht “Fortissimo”. There are plenty of options available so get in contact and we can discuss.

Bespoke Race Campaigns

For a more extreme approach to team building and brand positioning, why not turn your team into a race crew for an entire campaign. Not only will your team grow and develop through a structured series of challenges but you’ll also benefit from the coverage that comes along with both sponsorship and promotion of this very positive event. We can tailor a bespoke package to your unique needs so get in contact.

Charitable Sponsorship

More and more charities are using the positive outcomes that sailing brings to promote and enhance wellness in a variety of groups. We work with a number of charitable organisations and by providing sponsorship your business could share in their success. Contact us for more details of the opportunities that are available.

These are just some of the ideas we’ve had on how to support you in achieving your business objectives, but if you’ve got ideas about how we can help you then let us know.

Give us a call on 02393 077736 or send us a message to have all your questions answered.

Corporate SailingCorporate SailingCorporate SailingCorporate SailingCorporate Sailing